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Construction and tools companies need to be extra careful in terms of their branding. Not only do they need to show that they are experienced builders, but they also need to stand out from the crowd of construction tools and buildings that remain a staple for most construction & tools company logos.

Logo Los Angeles believes your construction identity and branding communicate much more about your business than you might realize. The colors chosen, the movement within the logo, and other design elements can convey the company's culture, representing not only each partner, but also your company's persona in the construction world.

Having professional, eye catching custom logo design is so important for any construction company. They not only tell your customers valuable information about your construction company, these images communicate with the subconscious mind and tell prospective customers whether you are reliable and honest.

When you are looking for a construction company in Los Angeles, where do you turn? Many people turn to friends, family, and colleagues to get a recommendation. Others look on major search engines such as Google. A last and significant portion of people looking for a construction company simply choose a business that seems reputable and trustworthy, often going with their intuition. Lets ignite your brand.

Construction Brand Identity Starter Package

  • Construction Logo Design
  • Business cards
  • E-mail signatures
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Presentation Folder
  • Stationery Design

Collateral Marketing Items

The primary construction logo and branding can additionally be used on coffee mugs, notepads, pens, magnets, calendars, construction signs and banners, and other collateral marketing items. Logo Los Angeles has worked with vendors for years creating innovative and memorable collateral marketing items for construction companies, further cementing their branding beyond their letterhead.

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Branding Portfolio

At Construction Logo Design Los Angeles, our goal is simple. We help construction companies create an amazing digital work and help make a statement on the Internet. Our specialties are construction logo design, construction branding, construction stationery design, and graphic design. Visit our construction logo design portfolio to see our most recent samples.