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Brand recognition in your industry drives increased new business. If your law firm is branded appropriately, your peers will know you're your practice areas are, and what you are best at. How your firm presents itself to the law firm community, and to the public, affect its status and ability to retain business. Brand awareness is not only important for potential clients; it is also crucial to maintaining the respect of your peers and your prominence in relevant professional organizations, including industry rankings.

Logo Los Angeles believes your law firm's identity and branding communicates much more about your business than you might realize. The colors chosen, the movement within the logo, and other design elements can convey the firm's culture, representing not only each partner and lawyer, but also your firm's persona in the legal world.

Creative Logo Design and Branding Design

The primary branding item for any business is its logo. Law firm logos are an essential part of your business identity and branding efforts. The pantones used in logo creation set the color palette for all related marketing items, including your law firm website, business cards, office building signage, and more. The visual law firm logo image communicates who you are and what services you provide. A well-designed logo conveys that your law firm is reputable and can make your business noteworthy, distinguishing it from the pack of similar firms.

Law Firm Brand Identity Starter Package

  • Law Firm Logo Design
  • Business cards
  • E-mail signatures
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Presentation Folder
  • Stationery Design

Collateral Marketing Items

The primary law firm logo and branding can additionally be used on coffee mugs, notepads, pens, magnets, calendars, law firm banners, and other collateral marketing items. Logo Los Angeles has worked with vendors for years creating innovative and memorable collateral marketing items for law firms, further cementing their branding beyond their letterhead.

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Branding Portfolio

Logo Los Angeles’ goal for every brand whether it’s a startup or established business, is to position the business for immediate and long-term sales growth. Our extensive branding and logo design experience has led us to develop a branding system that includes developing a definitive brand strategy along with identity collateral materials all geared to increase market share and sales within the market segment.